Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Kind of Kim K Unintentional Rip Off!

Make up look for today, I received a couple of new things in the post. I got 2 MUFE Diamond Creams in Shades 3 (Blue Pink) and 4 (Flesh). I tried out flesh today as a highlight on top of my cheeks and on my brow bones and found it to be rather good. It gives a very subtle natural sheen to the skin, not at all glittery like the MUFE Shine On Loose Powder that I have, so it is great for the day. I'm sure it could also be mixed with a moisturiser or matte foundation to be used as a sort of skin 'pick me up' illuminator. 

I also got Bobbi Brown's new eyeshadow colour, Caviar. I really like Bobbi Brown shadows but actually don't have all that many, mainly because we have only just got a proper Bobbi Brown counter here in Liverpool in the new Debenhams. So I decided to try that out today too. Its really more of a crease colour for most people if I'm honest but I'm not most people, and I was in a hurry, so it just kind of got slapped on. But its nice, matte finish, not chalky like some mattes can be and really really pigmented. I did find it wasn't the smoothest to apply, it seemed to catch on my primer more than some other shadows but once on it looks great, really intense and smooth.

Finally another of my recent purchases is the MAC lipstick in Up The Amp which I have been toying with the idea of getting for a while now and decided to just go for it. Its an amplified cream formula (which are my faves from MAC) and so it applies really smoothly and evenly and isn't at all drying on my lips. The only thing I found was that because my lips are naturally quite pigmented, applying the lipstick directly onto bare lips it comes out much more pink than I expected. I have since tried it with a lightly concealed and powdered lip and the colour looks much more 'true to tube'.

So here is my look

Extreme Close Up! Woooaaaahh!

So this is what I ended up with. And after I'd finished I realised its looks a little similar to the famous Kim Kardashian look that everyone likes to dupe with the dark kohl rimmed eyes and pink lips. But, while I didn't intend for it to be a dupe of that, I do like the finished outcome and I am pretty impressed with all of my recent purchases.

Oh yes and before anyone asks, I go to work in this makeup, in an office setting call centre. Some say inappropriate, I say I buy my make up to use not to sit in a draw for 'special occasions'! But that's just me I guess!

So thanks to anyone who took time to read my ramblings, I am going to try post more of these if people want me to that is! 


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Andrea said...

Actually there has been a Bobbi Brown counter in Liverpool for as long as I can remember, it's always been in John Lewis!