Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Eyeshadows as Lipsticks?!

So as you may know from MUA I have just recently been toying with the idea of using eyeshadows on the lips for mainly dramatic looks. As we all know lipsticks are a necessity but also generally quite limited. Colours do range yes, from the brightest of reds to the nudest of nudes and the babiest of pinks but finding more out of the ordinary colours is by no means the easiest thing to do. So yes, Illamasqua have a great choice, but who really wants to or can afford to spend £15.00 on a blue lipstick? As much as we all wish we could, for most its kind of ridiculous. Don't get me wrong I love Illamasqua and all of their lipsticks but what I'm saying is for the most part you are going to use a blue, green, yellow, silver etc only a few times here and there for particular looks. Even say £4 for a Barry M lipstick can be a slight waste of money if you are only going to use it once or twice!

Anyway, rant over. So the other day I was on youtube and who else but Pixiwoo could put such an idea into my head? So I figured I would give it a go and these are the results...

It started out innocently enough just with a bright orange eyeshadow from the Sleek Sunset Palette with MAC Clear Gloss thrown on top.

Then I decided to do a blue lip, because, well I love blue lips! But then I remembered Sam's (Pixiwoo) tutorial and how she had done the dark lip with the fuchsia pigment in the centre, so I decided to use a sunshine yellow to go with the sky blue to make a sort of 'sunny day' look.

Now it gets interesting. It just so happens that I have a small picture of Heath Ledger's Joker from the dark night on my mirror (weird yes but I loved it) and so purple and green = The Joker. 

Next I tried using 3 colours. Using the bright yellow, orange and red from the Sleek Sunset Palette to make a sort of fiery lip.

So, okay they don't have the greatest staying power since it is just eyeshadow with clear gloss over the top and you can't exactly reapply throughout the day without looking a bit weird! But for certain looks or photoshoots etc I think its a great idea. It means you can save money on buying lipsticks you don't really need and saves space because you already have eyeshadows and you can pick up a clear gloss anywhere, it doesn't have to be MAC it just so happened that was the one I had lying around. Its not the easiest place to blend shadows but it doesn't really need to be at the gloss on top allows for a certain amount of movement of the product underneath.

So yeh, there goes my first real blog post. I promise they won't all be this lengthy! But I do like to ramble.

And if you have read, thank you very much! 


Jonna said...

Amazing lip colours!!

HF said...

This is honestly the most fantastic use of 'make-up on lips' (not lipstick then) that I've ever seen. Wow.