Monday, 7 June 2010

World Cup!

So now that the World Cup is nearly upon us (so excited by the way!) I am going to do what will be essentially 'themed' make up on a daily basis for the next month. Each day I'm planning on doing a look inspired by a team in the tournament. I kinda got the idea in the Champions League semi finals when I went out to watch the Inter v Barcelona match and did my make up dark red and blue in support of my second favourite team, Barca! 

So basically I'm going to be a good blogger and hopefully post daily, or at least more than once a month! *Hangs head in shame* I did a trial run today with a Spain look because I'm a weird English person who supports Spain rather than my own national team (but many people from England should really see my point of view after one word...penalties!) But I will still be supporting England of course, I just prefer Spain.

But I digress, I'm basically just giving a quick heads up to all of my dear 11 followers that you might actually see a post from me on your Dashboard over the next week! I just didn't want anyone to die of shock when said posts appear really =P

Posting soon! 


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