Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Bargains! MUA Professional Eye Palettes.

Hey everyone!

Sorry again for being a very bad blogger and going totally M.I.A. Well actually in fact the reason I'm writing this is because I've gone totally MUA (urgh such a bad pun, I will continue)...

As many will know MUA (aka Make Up Academy) are an UNBELIEVABLY low cost make up range that is supplied in Superdrug stores up and down the UK. In the past they stocked all their products from lipsticks to glitter eye-liners for just £1 each. Crazy value.

They have recently launched a new line called MUA Professional which is slightly more expensive, but not much with the most expensive item being the eye shadow palettes in which you get 12 eye shadows for £4. Still a major bargain in my eyes. And this will be what I am concentrating on today...

I bought 2 palettes, the Glitter Ball palette and the one I just HAD to have (so much so I bought 3 of them) the Heaven and Earth palette.

The Glitter Ball Palette has 12 shades in various shades with no particular shade theme other than fun!

Here as you can see there are a couple of similar shades in the green/blue type of colours but other than that a great and varied selection. All of the shades have a high shimmer/glitter finish, but come on, did you expect anything else from a palette called 'Glitter Ball'? The colours are just like the MUA single shadows, which I am a huge fan of, in that they are very pigmented and with a primer can easily last all day or night.

Swatched over Urban Decay Primer Potion Original

The other palette I managed to pick up was the Heaven & Earth Palette and, as mentioned previously, felt the need to pick up 3 of these. Not all for me I'm not greedy, one backup and one for my case for jobs as my UD Naked Palette is wearing out quickly. And boy is this an alternative. It has many similar colours to the UD palette and I would say that the quality of the shadows is pretty much on par in terms of pigmentation and longevity (and miles above par on value!).

There are a few similar shades if I am being picky (eg 4th from left top row and 3rd from left bottom row) but they aren't the same they have slightly different undertones and as many people will know this can make or break a look. I think my favourite colour is the true gold shade top row, 3rd from left. It looks amazing on all skin tones and eye colours.

Swatched over Urban Decay PP Original

I did a look with the Heaven and Earth palette on Saturday night, so snapped a quick picture before my eye shadow ended up on my chin after one too many Long Island Ice Tea's...

So, all in all, I bloody love these palettes and I'm looking to get my paws on a few more as soon as I get the time and they're in stock! As soon as I do I will review them too. Overall I think, particularly for a bargain company, these palettes are incredible quality and I am so so glad MUA managed to maintain their great quality eye shadows and bring us more variation in the form of palettes, which for me is always the best way forward I am a sucker for palettes (ahem Sleek Make-up addiction).

Go and buy these now or forever have sad eyes and an empty bank account!

A Bientot!