Monday, 12 September 2011

Make Up Look Using Sleek Nude Collection

Hi All,

So, as promised, here is one look using the new Sleek collection. Here I have used the Au Naturel Palette and Suede Blush. I wore this in the day but it can easily vamped up to night time with a slick of red lipstick and some false lashes, if you're partial.

I'm going to bed now, I have a coffee date and ebay items to post tomorrow!

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Sleek A/W Nude Collection

Buenos Noches Compadres!

Little review and swatch time for the new collection from my most favourite drug store make up company, Sleek Makeup.

Their latest offering is their first ever permanent collection which is a nude collection. Very clever on Sleek's part with everyone scrambling for nudes this season to be on trend, and also a shrewd move to give a bank balance friendly bit of competition to the mighty Urban Decay Naked palette (which is still my favourite, sorry Sleek) whilst throwing in a great blush and lipgloss too!

As always, this collection does not fail to impress. I was initially surprised when I opened the I-Divine palette and discovered more matte shades than shimmer shades. A bloody marvellous idea if you ask me, there just aren't many matte nude palettes out there and I have always maintained, as much as I love the UDN palette, it just needs more mattes god dammit! After nailing the shimmers many moons ago, Sleek keep on improving their matte shadows with these being the most pigmented so far.

Top : l-r nougat, nubuck, cuppucino, honeycomb, toast, taupe Bottom : l-r conker, moss, bark, mineral earth, regal, noir
Generally the pigmentation of all the shadows is really great, especially the black. Sleek black shadows are always some of the best out there but in the caribbean collection the black in the I -Divine was really disappointing (review to come). The palest shade, Nougat, is also really great as a highlight on fairer skins whilst I would imagine honeycomb to be good on a darker olive skin for example.

The Sleek blushes never fail to impress me. In my opinion they are some of the best quality blushes available, not just in drug store terms. Pigmentation, you cannot fault and a growing colour range is giving great choice for all skin tones. The blush in this collection is a nude tone slightly more towards an orangey base but quite neutral overall. Somewhere between a bronzer and a blush, great for contouring if you want to warm up your complexion.

Suede Blush

So it looks much more orange on my skin as I am very fair but it works great when blended in, gives a beautiful glow. I have been using it with a little Mac By Candlelight MSF on the top of my cheek bones, great fresh look.

Finally the Pout Polish in Bare Minimum. That is the perfect name as that is exactly what this gloss is. Gives a very sheer nude wash over the lips. For me its a little to pale as I prefer a little colour to my lips being pale and having quite pale lips I find I can look a little ill but I think its great for a sheer nude look for every day wear.

All together a very smart collection to release, its always going to be a popular choice and I know for certain I will be repurchasing the blush and palette in the future.

I have done 3 looks using this collection, a day look, a day-to-night look and a glam night look. They will follow in another post very soon...

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Friday, 9 September 2011

Harley Quinn Grunge Look

Hi all.

So today I was bored and stumbled across the fabulous Nymphette's FOTD Calendar for September and thought I would have a little gander.

To my delight I discovered today was 'Comic Book' day. Being a rather sizeable comic book nerd, this was a discovery of both joy and confusion. Which comic book character to choose. After much debate over Superman vs Spiderman, Watchmen vs V For Vendetta even down to Doom Patrol vs Umbrella Academy I had to choose my all time love...BATMAN.

So many characters to choose from, dilemma! Jokey, too 'done' already, Penguin, too Danny DeVito, Batman, too black. Then of course, one of my all time favourite nut jobs, little miss Harley Quinn. So to spare you all a sycophantic regale of how awesome this character is I will just show you my look...

And the original herself...

So yeah, there it is. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out (except the eyebrows I mean, WTF?) But not too bad for a 30 minute job before work. P.S. I didn't go to work like this, although I seriously considered it.

A Bientot!