Friday, 9 September 2011

Harley Quinn Grunge Look

Hi all.

So today I was bored and stumbled across the fabulous Nymphette's FOTD Calendar for September and thought I would have a little gander.

To my delight I discovered today was 'Comic Book' day. Being a rather sizeable comic book nerd, this was a discovery of both joy and confusion. Which comic book character to choose. After much debate over Superman vs Spiderman, Watchmen vs V For Vendetta even down to Doom Patrol vs Umbrella Academy I had to choose my all time love...BATMAN.

So many characters to choose from, dilemma! Jokey, too 'done' already, Penguin, too Danny DeVito, Batman, too black. Then of course, one of my all time favourite nut jobs, little miss Harley Quinn. So to spare you all a sycophantic regale of how awesome this character is I will just show you my look...

And the original herself...

So yeah, there it is. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out (except the eyebrows I mean, WTF?) But not too bad for a 30 minute job before work. P.S. I didn't go to work like this, although I seriously considered it.

A Bientot!